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Florence Hop on Hop off Bus

Florence Hop on Hop off Bus

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The most comfortable way to explore all the wonderful highlights that Florence has to offer!

See the magnificent Italian City of Florence from the top of a red open top double-decker bus. Let City Sightseeing introduce you to this beautiful city and highlight all the things to do and places you can visit during your stay. With numerous stops conveniently located along the route, you can hop on and off at your leisure. With frequent tours on Line A and 3 tours a day on Line B, all with the same ticket, City Sightseeing Florence really is the best way to see the city. The city lies on the River Arno and is known for its history and its significance in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance especially for its art and architecture. Florence's museums, churches, and palaces house some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world.

Start Point:

Line A: Transit to Staz. Centrale di  Firenze (S.M. Novella)

Line B: Transit to Staz. Centrale di Firenze (S.M. Novella)

Line C: Piazzale Montelungo


To see detailed timetable, click here!

Line A:from 15 minutes to 60 minutes 

First departure 9 am , last departure 4:30 pm (November - April), 6 pm (May - October)

Line B:   60 minutes 

First departure 10:15 am (November - April), 10:05 am (May - October) , last departure 2:15 pm (November - March), 5:05 pm (March - April / September - November), 6:05 pm (April - June),7:05 (June - September)

Line C: 60 minutes , operates only April-October

First departure 9:20 am  , last departure: 5:30 am 

Audio guide is available in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Portuguese.

These are the stops of the three routes:

Line A (60 mins): 

  1. Stazione FS SMN, 
  2. Libertà, 
  3. Donatello,  
  4. Azeglio, 
  5. Beccaria,
  6. Santa Croce,
  7. Teatro Verdi, 
  8. P. Giraldi,
  9. Ferrucci,
  10. Michelangelo,
  11. Galileo, 
  12. Villa Cora, 
  13. Calza,
  14. Pitti,
  15. Frescobaldi,
  16. Guicciardini,
  17. Ognissanti,
  18. Barbetti.

Line B (120 mins):

  1. Stazione FS SMN, 
  2. Curtatone,
  3. Soderini,
  4. Tasso,
  5. Porta Romana,
  6. Machiavelli,
  7. Galileo,
  8. Michelangelo,
  9. Ferrucci,
  10. Demidoff,
  11. Cavalleggeri,
  12. Lunfo l'Affrico,
  13. Righi (Ostello),
  14. San Domenico,
  15. Regresso,
  16. Fiesole (Stop),
  17. Regresso,
  18. San Domenico,
  19. Righi (Ostello),
  20. Stadio,
  21. Matteotti,
  22. Libertà,
  23. Independenza,
  24. Stazione FS SMN,
  25. Monelungo

Line C (120 mins)

  1. Piazzale Monte Lungo,
  2. Piazza Stazione, 
  3. Piazza Libertà, 
  4. Piazza Donatello
  5. Piazza d'Azegulio, 
  6. Piazza Beccaria
  7. Via Lungo l'Affrico,
  8. Via Righi Ostello, 
  9. Fiesole San Domenico,
  10. Fiesole Regresso,
  11. Fiesole,
  12. Fiesole Regresso,
  13. Fiesole San Domenico,
  14. Via Righi Ostello,
  15. Viale Paoli,
  16. Piazza Donatello,
  17. Piazza Beccaria,
  18. Corso Tintori,
  19. Lungarno Serristori,
  20. Piazza Ferrucci,
  21. Piazzale Michelangelo,
  22. Piazzale Galileo,
  23. Viale Machiavelli,
  24. Porta Romana,
  25. Piazza Tasso,
  26. Via Vittorio Veneto,
  27. Piazza Stazione,
  28. Piazzale Monteluno

Ticket is valid all year! Buy your ticket online and skip the line!